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How Kind Can You Be? The Ultimate Random Act of Kindness

Be kind, be grateful, today. 

What have I just witnessed? 

It was a typical weekday after work and I was driving to the gym near my house. I came to a traffic light, waiting in the left turn lane. There were 2 cars ahead of me. 

A car in the opposite traffic was ready to take a left turn and suddenly, the car stopped.

Then, two men in the first car in front of me got out of the car and ran across the opposite traffic to help the guy out whose car seemed to have stalled. They pushed his car from the back to the side of the road so that he doesn’t block the rest of the traffic. After that, they quickly jumped back into their car as the light turned green for us. 


“God bless these kind men,” I said to myself, heart warmed and impressed. 

They could have just stayed in the car, especially in traffic. But they didn’t let the situation stop them from showing kindness to others. 

I thought to myself, if I was a guy and had the ability to help, would I have gotten out of the car like them? 

My answer was “Probably not.” 

But why? 

I would probably be thinking, “He must have called for help.”, or “I’m in the middle of the traffic. What if the light turned green and I’m blocking everyone?” I’d probably be making a ton of excuses to justify why it is okay for me to not offer help. 

But what I just witnessed REALLY amazed me. I wouldn’t have expected anyone to go above and beyond to help a stranger in need, even if they could get themselves in trouble, like getting honked at for blocking the traffic. 

I really wanted to go up to them and thank them for being so kind. Their contagious kindness inspired me to do the same for others, even if it’s not as big as theirs. 

I remembered offering help to take a photo for a beautiful family who was chilling on a huge rock while I was on a hike. They were so sweet and so thankful to me and it made me feel really good. 

The unconditional kindness

What they did change my perspective on how I treat others. Have I been unconditionally kind, not expecting anything in return from the others? If not, what is holding me back from doing that? 

Cause we’d think we’re being taken advantage of? Cause we’re so self-centered to think that the counterpart is the only ones who are benefiting if we help? Cause we wouldn’t be getting anything in return? Cause they’re just some strangers that don’t worth our time? 

I think it’s a little bit of all of the above. We’re always too caught up in “us”. Many things are about “me”. And it can be challenging to unconditionally help others without expecting anything in return in today’s society. But that is also what makes one stand out.

Image by Дарья Будич from Pixabay

Be kind to someone today

Imagine that everyone on this earth does at least one kind act to another human being every day. And for those being helped to also express their gratitude. How much better this world could be?

It doesn’t matter whether the help is small or big, what matters is one takes the initiative to offer help without anyone asking. They may not remember your name or know who you are, but they will always remember how you made them feel. Your one simple kind gesture may change other people’s life in a significant way. And this can be something powerful that holds people together. 

Your kindness may inspire others to do the same, and then for others who have been helped to help even more people. 

My challenge to you is to be kind and offer help to others whenever the opportunity comes. Spread the kindness. Be grateful if someone has helped you and return the favor to keep this positive cycle going. If it’s not possible, then be kind to the next person you meet. 

Things you can do to show kindness

  • Say thank you sincerely to someone who has helped you
  • Hold the door for others
  • Volunteering
  • Help someone in need
  • Be patient 
  • Be understanding
  • Go above and beyond what is being asked of you

Be kind, be grateful, today. 

Did you know meditation practice helps you become more compassionate? Read more here.

Food for thought

What was the last kindness you’ve shown to others? How did that make you feel?

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